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Manifest Activism: A Conversation With Ellington Alumna Billie Krishawn

Actor, artist, and photojournalist Billie Krishawn was featured in a recent post by the Mosaic Theater Company, where she is cast as Emmett Till’s mother in “The Till Trilogy.”

Several pictures that Krishawn shot during this summer of unrest accompany the article, and she explains how she was bitten by the photography bug. “I went about getting a camera to be able to work my way into grad school,” she says. “It was a literal gift. And then maybe two or three weeks later, the events of George Floyd happened … that night was the first night that I got tear gassed.

“It was the first night that I had ever been shot at by police with rubber bullets … and I realized that I had to keep going. It started off as, “I need to do something inside of this quarantine,” and it ended up being deep in the movement.”

For full article, click here. (Mosaic Theater)


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