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Jazz City Reception 2024 Photo Gallery

Ellington Fund Board President Ari Q. Fitzgerald, DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson, April Ellington, Edward "Duke" Ellington Jr., Principal Sandi M. Logan, and DESAP Board President Amber Golden

L to R in the front row: Linn Groft (Councilmember Brooke Pinto's Office), Tom Sugrue, Tami Lewis*, Amy Kauffman*, Stacie Lee Banks*, Ari Q. Fitzgerald*, April Ellington, Edward "Duke" Ellington, Jr.; Behind Mr. Ellington: COO Pam Jackson, Principal Sandi Logan, DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson; Doyle Mitchell (Industrial Bank), Annie Whatley*, Elle Carberry, Dr. Eliot Battle*,  Behind Ms. Ellington: Quinta Jackson*, Amber Golden*, Jeanette McCune* (*Board Members)


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