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Class of 2023 Updates & Info

Please refer to this page for information pertaining to the current senior class at Duke Ellington of the Arts. We will continue to keep this page up to date with details for parents and students. Please find out more info below.

Meeting Schedule

  • Senior Class – Monday, Dec. 5 @ 11:30 a.m. (In-Person)

  • Parents – Monday, Dec. 12 @ 6:30 p.m. (Virtual)

Access to Parent/Student Communication

  • The senior class has been meeting in-house every month since September. We send out senior class information via our weekly newsletter and Naviance.

  • All Parents (should) have access to Naviance. Please visit this website Sign in ( to create an account under the school name (Duke Ellington School of the Arts).

  • If you have difficulty signing in, please contact Mr. Larry Davis (12th-grade guidance counselor) at If you are not receiving communication from us, please email Mr. Watkins,


• Please remember your scheduled appointment date and time: November 19 or December 2 • Please enter through the main entrance and you will be directed to the Lower Level. • Pictures will be taken in the Performance Hall. • The Holding Area for waiting and dressing will be across the hall in Black Box. • Mirrors and Restrooms will also be available to you. For additional information, please email Ms. Harper, Packages • Basic: $20 tux/ drape plus 1 outfit • Standard: $30 tux and drape plus 2 outfits • Deluxe: $40 plus 3 • Ultimate: $50 plus 4 **Each level includes the tux and drape. Additional dates have been confirmed for any senior who was unable to schedule an appointment or had tremendous conflicts. Those dates will go LIVE on the Prestige Photography by Lifetouch website in the coming days. Please keep a close lookout: • Tuesday, Jan. 17 (9:30 a.m. – 2: 45 p.m.) • Thursday, Jan. 19 (9:30 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.) • Saturday, Jan. 21 (9:30 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.)


A note from Mr. Davis (12th-grade Guidance Counselor): On September 6, 2022, I sent out an email detailing the college process. Parents, in that email I also shared that we have a partnership with the Educational Opportunity Center, a program of the College Board that will work with you and your child(ren) with the college admissions, financial aid, and scholarship process. The person is Mr. Brian Smith who may be reached at . I continue to offer my assistance with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid as well. Lastly, I have completed a generic recommendation letter for all students. If you desire yours to be specific to you, a brag sheet is required. The FINAL day for recommendation letters for the class of 2023 is December 1, 2022. Any parent who would like to meet with me, please send me an email, to meet in person, via Zoom, or Teams until a formal parent meeting has been confirmed. All colleges/universities that you are applying to should be noted in Naviance under the “Colleges I am applying to” tab. From there, Mr. Davis will send transcripts and counselor recommendations weekly, processing every Tuesday.


  • The Black Common Application fee waiver (promotional code) is: osse2023


$200/year; a requirement for Graduation

We are working to secure a spreadsheet that includes the payment history of every senior. If you’d wish to get ahead of the game to know where you currently stand, please feel free to send an email to You may also email Ms. Shaw, If you know that you need assistance with paying off your arts fees, please include Ms. Clovis,


Generally, a financial sum helps to cover/defray costs for cap and gown, yearbook, and sometimes prom venue. We are working to have this amount for you by Dec. 1.


Please note it could be somewhere between $75 – $150. Stand by for more information.


100 hours MUST be completed for Graduation

Please check in with Mr. Davis/Director Hayden to ensure your hours are accurate and documented. There is nothing wrong with acquiring more than 100 hours. Scholarships and other opportunities can arise as a result of having more than the required 100 hours. For more information on opportunities, please email Mr. Davis or Mr. Edge,


  • Details Pending


  • Seniors are currently voting on themes with their Class Council. Date and venue are TBA.


  • Our 2023 Commencement Ceremony will be held at Ellington, as is our custom.
    DCPS has not given us a date yet. Once we have that date, we can follow up on ticket distribution/senior.

  • Soon we will be taking measurements for caps and gowns.

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