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New project from DESA opens a door for Arts fans near and far

We are pleased to announce an exciting new enterprise that promises to serve Ellington’s international community of Arts students, educators, and fans for years to come!

The Ellington Arts! Museum – a virtual experience – will present, curate, and archive some of the school’s art collection and digital video holdings. Arts enthusiasts who sign up for the monthly or annual membership will receive special benefits, access, content, and perks beyond what’s available to non-members who visit the site.

“We believe the Ellington Arts! Museum will have a profound impact on the Ellington community and beyond,” Principal Sandi M. Logan says. “This is a great way to celebrate our now and invest in our future.”

This new project began as a classroom activity in Ellington’s Museum Studies department – the only such program in a U.S. high school – and was developed further into an interdepartmental collaboration during distance learning. The platform is a great educational space, featuring an Arts Block Blog, interactive lessons from our classrooms, and innovative work from students, faculty, and alumni..

Among other items, the museum will feature artwork from the world-class collection of late Ellington co-founder Peggy Cooper Cafritz. She bequeathed roughly 250 pieces to Ellington (the remaining 400 went to the Studio Museum in Harlem) in what is considered the largest-ever donation of contemporary art by artists of African descent.

Ms. Cafritz wanted her artwork to serve as a resource for Ellington and the DC metro area. Now, her collection and other works of art will enjoy global exposure thanks to the Ellington Arts! Museum. Please visit TODAY and become a member! New content and features will be added on a recurring basis.


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