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PHD Hoops Team USA Basketball Donation Fundraiser

My name is Cire Wilson and, I have been playing basketball since I was 9 years old. Since I first stepped on the court, I have aspired to play the game any chance I get. Most recently I have been selected to participate in the Spain Tour from June 10-18, 2024 with the PhD Hoops USA program! This experience will give me the opportunity to travel to Spain with other players from across the country to represent the USA in an international basketball competition. Additionally, it will allow me to meet friends across the world and gain a cultural education that will last a lifetime!

I’m so excited about this opportunity that when I told all my friends and teammates we all wanted to know more about it and figure out how they too could try to join me in Spain with Phd Hoopers USA, only to find that most if not all of them didn’t have passports and how none of us could afford $5,000 to take advantage of the opportunity to travel internationally to compete. I strive to be one of the hardest working players and my teammates would agree, that I push myself in the classroom and on the basketball court. Out of a pool of applicants, I was fortunate to be chosen for this tour based on my playing ability, character, and desire to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

In order for this trip to become a reality, I need to raise $5000 for each player no later than March 2024 to cover each player's portion of the trip expenses. All donations will go directly toward the cost of the tour. I hope to become a great role model to all my peers in my community and make my parents proud. Thank you so much for your consideration as this is a dream come true for me and my friends to wear a USA jersey and represent our country! I promise to do so with the appropriate class and sportsmanship.

Click the following link to donate:


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