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Ellington Theatre Alumni in New Award-Winning Film A Thousand and One

We are so proud to congratulate DESA Theatre alumni Amelia Workman, Terri Abney, and Alicia Pilgram on their outstanding performances in the Grand Jury Award-winning feature A Thousand and One. Written and directed by Hillman Grad and acclaimed screenwriter and director A.V. Rockwell. This moving film tells the story of Inez (Teyana Taylor) and her son Terry (Aaron Detola) during New York City’s mid-90s restructuring era, as they work to recreate their image and build their own definition of home and family. It is truly inspiring to see the incredible accomplishments of these three alumnae, and we look forward to seeing their work on the big screen! A Thousand and One is out in Theatres now. Click here to watch the trailer!


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