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Department Chair & Cinematic Arts Production A/B, II & III

Cinematic Arts & Media Production


Many media entities have recognized Filmmaker Penny T. Hollis since completing a bachelor’s
in Mass Communications at Grambling State University and an MFA in film production at
Howard University. Hollis’ video editing and storytelling include collaborations with Discovery
Channel, National Geographic, Travel Channel, Smithsonian Channel, and PBS, among others.
She has also edited several short films that have won multiple awards on the film festival circuit.
Currently, Hollis is editing a feature documentary for WHUT. Hollis teaches at George
Washington University and has taught scriptwriting, editing, and production at Howard
University, George Mason University, and the University of the District of Columbia. As an
independent filmmaker, Hollis has written and directed several films. Courses:
● Cinematic Arts Production A/B: Introduction to Media Cinematic Arts
● Cinematic Arts Production II: Intermediate Filmmaking and Video Editing
● Cinematic Arts Production III: Advanced Filmmaking and Video Editing

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