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Mass Media Instructor

Cinematic Arts & Media Production


Henry M. Joseph III
My knowledge and expertise in recording images began in the late 1960s, assisting my grandfather in New Orleans. I fondly remember warm summer nights in Jackson Square in the French Quarter, where I would carefully position the beam of my flashlight on camera-ready subjects, posing, so my grandfather could focus and compose his subjects with his 4x5 Speed Graphic camera or his Polaroid for instant photos and instant cash. I also carried flashbulbs so he could properly compose and expose his subjects under any lighting conditions to both his and their liking. I was four years old.

Since then, I have studied and worked in photography, television production, video production, film production, theater production, and audiovisual production. I’m trained in optics, camera, lighting, audio, visual arts, geography, and African-American History.

I am a videographer. To name a few, I have shot interviews with the following African American icons, Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali for PBS, Jim Brown, Harry Belafonte for Cease Fire DSBS for DC Public Access, Jesse Jackson for NBC, Serena and Venus Williams for Howard University, President Barack Obama on his birthday in the White House for April Ryan at the White House, Black Panther founders Huey Newton and Bobby Seale for PBS, Bishop Tutu and Nelson Mandela for WHMM-TV, Louis Farrakhan for Vigilant TV, Rev. Jeremiah Wright for SDW Proctor TV. Recently, I shot Kevin Hart for Comedy Central’s new show, The Great Hunt. I have shot these and many other notable Americans.

Currently, I work at CBS Network in Washington, DC, assigned to Face the Nation, The Evening News, and 60 minutes. Chronicle Vision records events and interviews for the following African American Organizations: Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Association for the Study of African American Life and History, The Selma Jubilee Bridge March, The Institute of the Black World, The African American Experience Fund for the US Park Service, The Annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee in Selma, AL. for the National Voting Rights Museum. Delta Sigma Theta is the largest African-American sorority in the United States.

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