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Co-Department Chair & Journalism I & II, Arts Internship (Entrepreneurship)

Cinematic Arts & Media Production


Eric Easter is a producer, writer, media executive, and CEO of Blackbox Digital, which produces
non-fiction television and digital content. The former CEO of Black Heritage Network, Easter is
the creator and co-author of the bestselling book and international photo exhibit, Songs of My
People. A veteran of major political campaigns and former editor-in-chief of, Easter
frequently writes on the intersection of politics, tech, race, and culture for The Washington Post
and Politico. He holds a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from Howard University, where he chairs
the advisory board of its PBS station, WHUT TV.
● Journalism I: Fundamentals and Ethics of Journalism
● Journalism II: The Writer’s Room: Student Newspaper/Podcast
● Arts Internship (Entrepreneurship)

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