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Theatre Students Attended the British American Drama Academy’s (BADA) Midsummer Intensive Program

Six of our Theatre Department students attended the British American Drama Academy’s (BADA) Midsummer intensive program in Oxford, England this summer. BADA exists to provide high-quality, modern actor training with a foundation in British theatre traditions. Here’s what our students had to say about their experience at BADA:

Raina Taylor: “My time at BADA was transformative. Not only was I able to develop new techniques to take my art to the next level, but more importantly, I walked away from the experience with a better sense of self and confidence. BADA made me a better actor and person, coming back from the program I feel prepared and excited for my senior year.”

Autumn Whetstone: The British Academy of Dramatic Arts Midsummer Conservatory was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’m very grateful to have gotten a generous Scholarship from Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation to attend BADA. The summer program was an additional training to my studies at Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Exploring the depths of Williams Shakespeare’s plays and the man himself was admirable cultivation of my passion for theatre and the arts. The profane faculty and instructors were innovative, dedicated, supportive, caring, and visionary. I’m very thankful for the amazing ensemble I’ve spent 3 weeks with and will cherish the lifelong friendships that made the experience immaculate! I have strengthened my passion, technique, confidence, and spirit from this program which I will never forget. I am forever grateful to Duke Ellington’s Theatre Department, specially Kaia Calhoun for giving me this opportunity.”

N’Dea Banks-Mackey: “My time at BADA was something so surreal it felt like a dream, Because of the Andrew Lloyd Webber scholarship I was able to live my dream. I had so much fun, learned new things, applied old techniques, and made new friends. Oxford quickly became my home and the people around me became family. I wouldn’t have asked for better teachers, better people, or a better experience. I will always remember the late-night talks, being creatively goofy in the rehearsal room, going to see plays, and making new memories with the people around me. Sharing wild experiences and heartfelt moments with some of the greatest people in the world.”

Moyo Ifafore: “I am so fortunate to have received the Norman Ayrton Scholarship to attend the British American Drama Academy’s Midsummer Conservatory Program. The program definitely allowed me to focus on my craft in a way that I had not done before. The program was full of immersion in the culture of The Bard, with trips to Stratford (Shakespeare’s hometown), and The Globe in London. Not only did my knowledge about Shakespeare himself deepen, but my knowledge about how to approach his text did as well. I strengthened my ensemble and devising work, as well. All this was wrapped in the rich history of Oxford, as we stayed on Campus at St. John’s college for three weeks. I am so grateful to the Theatre Department for connecting us with the BADA program.”

Sydney Downs: The Midsummer Conservatory at BADA was an extension of my training at Duke Ellington. In Oxford, I learned a lot about William Shakespeare himself, and his plays from its premise. Oxford has a unique culture and history, I had so much fun hanging out in local shops and restaurants with students and staff from all over. The faculty at BADA was very knowledgeable and supportive. They provided me with a new learning experience unlike here in the US, and lessons that will be forever useful. They also gave helpful tips for auditioning and preparing for college. Ms. Calhoun, thank you for all your support and for preparing me to compete. I also have to thank the American Theatre Wing for selecting me as a recipient of the Andrew Lloyd Training Scholarship. They made sure this experienced happened!”


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