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Patchworks: Senior Show 2023 5/19 @ 6PM

Buy an artist early. It gives you a career to follow. Peggy Cooper Cafritz, Co-founder of DESA

The Visual Arts Department at Duke Ellington School of the Arts is pleased to announce the opening of the PATCHWORKS on May 19 at 6 pm. PATCHWORKS showcases the artistic creations of DESA Seniors and gives the DC community an an excellent opportunity to get to know DC's up and coming artists.

At the opening, attendees will be able to buy original works of art created by our students. Studio Museum, one of our long-time partners, will be sending a representative to jury our senior show for the second time in two years. Click here for the beginning of our relationship with Studio Museum.

DESA is proud of its visual artists alumni who include Hank Willis Thomas, Arcmanoro Niles, Nekisha Durret, Jamilla Okubo, Stan Squirewell, Shaunte Gates, and Coby Kennedy. If you have never followed an artist before, here are some tips from Peggy Cooper Cafritz.


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